Other natural hairbrushes include the squirrel hair artist’s brush which is extra soft and quiet absorbent. It has the capacity to hold liquids and is suitable for painting with water colors, tempera and so on. With a long pointed tip, this painting brush is well worth the price.

Painting a beautiful image showcases the talent of the artist and this is done with the help of an artist’s brush. Since different painters use different types of paints and brushes, no standard paint brush can be considered the best. More than a million varieties of paint brushes can be found today.

Getting to know the Artist’s Brush- Types and Varieties

Artist brushes can be synthetic or natural hair brushes. Natural hairbrushes are quite expensive compared to synthetic hair brushes. The distinguishing factor between natural and synthetic brushes is their fiber. While natural hair dye brushes are made from hair from animals such as horses, pigs and so on, synthetic hair brushes are made from nylon.

Natural hair brushes: artist brushes made from natural hair are available in many varieties and styles. The most popular of them is the Kolinsky sable hair which is the most expensive and beautiful hair used for making paintbrushes. This paintbrush is ideal for watercolor paint. Originating in northern Russia, this natural hair dye brush is one of a kind.

Bristles are various other natural hair brushes that have split ends at the end of the brush. This helps hold a lot of paint. This brush works well with acrylic paints and heavy oil paints because it is quite tough.

The pure red sable brush is another variety of natural hair brushes. It lasts a long time and can be used with acrylic paints as well. But proper care must be taken to clean these brushes as they are soft and prone to damage if not cleaned immediately after use.

Synthetic artist brushes: similar to natural hairbrushes, synthetic brushes are relatively inexpensive and come in a number of varieties. Ideal for use with water colors, this paint brush is also used with acrylic paints. There are mainly two types of synthetic brushes – orange synthetic brush and white synthetic brush.

White synthetic brushes are soft and available in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is similar to a sable paint brush and is used effectively for subtle blending and stroking purposes.

The orange synthetic brush is the result of an increase in advanced technology in brush manufacturing. Soft and ideal for glass, this brush has a strong firm spot.

All these brush varieties are available with the artist’s brush manufacturers listed on the online portal.

So that the Paint Brush lasts longer

Artist’s brush lasts for a longer period of time if properly cleaned and cared for. It is important to clean it immediately after use. Always remember to keep it in an upright position to protect its fur. Proper care of paint brushes with the use of good conditions can ensure durability and performance.